ANST - Centurians, was Coronation

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Wed Jul 30 11:07:36 PDT 1997

>which he emphasizes because so many people have made the mistake lately
>of including him in that order.  Would you consider those mistakes as
>recommendations for his elevation to the Order of the Centurians?
>Lord Elfsea

Allysyn here.  I just came in the room to find my husband with a day-glo red
face, and his jaw resting squarely on the floor.  He was staring blankly at
this screen, so I shoved him aside and took control of the keyboard, as I
sometimes just have to do.  <I don't think I've ever seen him this embarrassed!>

He and I don't quite know how to respond, as silence implies gloating, and
speaking about it would seem boastful and arrogant.  As you all know my
lord, he is none of these things.

Thank you, Llewelyn, for your comments.  They were thoughtful and very bold.
As for Timo, I think he just joined our daughter watching Sesame Street (for
educational purposes only, of course...)

In dearest service,

Allysyn Kranidious, lady of



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