ANST - Okay, here are the awards that I have been able to track down

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Thu Jul 31 08:11:24 PDT 1997

Timo wrote:
> the gentleman whose name I cant remember got an Iris for his Russian eggs.

Yasha somethingovich Romanoff, from the Steppes.

(I'd fill in the "something", but none of my heraldic Letters of
Intent since May have been put onto the
web page, leading me to believe that Pug hasn't been receiving them
-- not surprising, since I can't mail from home to certain addresses,
'cause they get dropped silently.  I wonder if it's due to 
noticing that the mail is coming from an unregistered host name
( or bad IP address (it doesn't really have one,
due to tia) and deciding it's spam.)

Daniel de Lincoln
Tim McDaniel.   Reply to tmcd at
tmcd at is not a valid address.

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