ANST - Fashionable left-handedness

Mitchell, Paul T MTCHPTAA at
Wed Jul 30 13:12:00 PDT 1997

As a strongly-right-handed knight, I would like to note for the record
that one of the times I took the field at Guardian of the Tor at the
beginning of this month, I carried left-handed sword & shield.  I
held the field for the maximum three bouts before retiring.  Can't
say I much cared for it, but I did my turn!

 - Galen of Bristol

on the cutting edge of fashion!

Timo wrote:
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To:  Mitchell, Paul T; ansteorra
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Her Most Steller Majesty wrote...

>Greetings to our most wonderful subject Timo from HRM Alisha...

I also bid you greetings!

>It is indeed fashionable to be left handed for our Reign.

I would not disagree with Her Majesties idea of fashion.  In fact, I   
take it upon myself as a 'Crusade' of sorts to 'encourage' the use of the
sinister hand in this Kingdom, by force if necessary.  As many of my
right-handed opponents will attest, leaving your elbow unprotected will
quickly result in left-handedness (my own poll here...)

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