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Wed Jul 30 13:37:57 PDT 1997

Centurion Talen and Mistress Gunnora make some good points.  Courts can be
long and the weather can be very difficult.  Also the populace sometimes
are very remiss in giving the Crown their attinion.  As a one who has
heralded courts for more Crowns than I want to remember, I know both sides
of the problem.  The solution is really a series of steps.  

1. Court heralds need to be very mindful of the fact that courts can be
long and hard to hear.  They need to project and make sure that the pace is
kept running at a reasonable rate.  One thing that I did was to mix up the
order of awards.  Sometime I would read an AOA, then a Grant, then an AOA.
This can help to keep the populace wondering what is coming next.  Also
plan your courts out before you open them as much as you are able.  Master
Korwin told me one that the court herald is part showman, part fool, part
herald, and part condutor.  A good court can be something that people will
remember for years to come.  

2. The populace needs to remember that court is court.  While we don't have
the penalties (of with their heads!!) that may have existed in period
times, we are trying to recreate as much of the flavor as possable.  If you
come to court be aware that it could run long.  Bring a chair and something
to drink (drinking beverages for sunburn that cause you to behave in a
socially unacceptable or impolite way whether in 1200 AD or 1997 AD is no
excuse for that behavior).  If you are new to our dream ask someone about
courts and how long they may run.  If you have been playing for a while
think before you come to court.

Events like Coronations and Crown Tourneys are always longer.  The pomp is
a part of the day.  The oaths of the knights, Landed Baron/ess, and
officers at Corination, the sword oath and the statement of intent to fight
in Crown are all very much a part of the tapestry.  Should we remove these
things to make it a little more comfortable for those of us that have done
this before and are a bit borded?   That would be like removing the red
threads from a tapestry to make it easier to weave.  It will lose something
in the process.  I think that if we all try to work on our different parts
of the game we can all benefit and make the Dream just a little more alive.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

mka Burke McCrory
email:  burkemc at

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