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hic iacet Galen...

Having been the herald for the Coronation court, this note was 
a real downer for me...

> My lady and I were in the FRONT row at Kein & Alicia's Coronation, and we
> only heard about a third of the court.  Yes, projection was a problem, 

Ouch!  I was doing my best; I thought more people than usual made 
their fealty audible, and I at least tried to give those who couldn't 
see (virtually all) some idea of what was happening.  For things that
people might actually be able to appreciate, like awards, I tried to
shout down the crowd, so that more people would know to pay attention,
we're doing something you can actually watch.


In addition, if you know that you have
> recommended someone for an award, even though you don't know they will be
> getting it, you have an obligation to know where that person is during
> court.  If they aren't in attendance and can't be reached within 30 seconds
> or so, too bad.  It was their choice not to attend Their Majesties, and I
> don't think court should be held up so someone can go running around the
> camp looking for them.

I agree, but any given current TRM often won't.

> And while I'm on this soapbox, let me say that Court is NOT held for the
> entertainment of the Populace.  

Here I disagree.  Court-as-entertainment is an important aspect of SCA
courts.  Many people's magical moments have happened in courts.

Court is held for the Crown to conduct
> official business pertaining to the welfare of the Kingdom.  This is why
> official Courts cannot be held at non-calendar events -- actions of long
> term significance to the Kingdom and the SCA are conducted in Court and by
> Law these can only be done at published events (I'm sure the Seneschallate
> can give the more Official wording).  Awards fall under this category. 
> Presentations to the Crown generally do not.  Household business does not,
> nor does it have a place in Court -- take it private.  It's nice if Court
> can be entertaining, but it's not necessary.  Good Fools and good Court
> Heralds are wonderful, but unfortunately few and far between.  It would be
> nice if there were more of them, but Court goes on nonetheless.

I have to assume that here you're talking mainly about Mahadi &
final court.  Kein & Alisha's had very few presentations; no one under
baronial rank got onto the agenda; and I discouraged them as much as 
possible, but as herald I am not inclined to tell the King's vassal that
they can't have time in the King's court.  In a coronation court, 
excessive presentations can be prevented.  I asked a _lot_ of people
to make their presentations to Kein & Alisha on Sunday while they
were presiding over the list.

But in the final court of an outgoing king & queen, this is necessarily
going to happen.  It's simply the last chance people have to make any
sort of gift.  Hopefully, people have come to love their rulers, and
want to express that sentiment; I am disinclined to discourage that.

And for the record, I know a number of peers who want their taking
of squires and other associates to be done in public ceremonies
with official witnesses, that is, court.  They and others, too, who
have put considerable work into helping the kingdom or their local
group go, often ask no other payment than a moment of the King's
time, in public.  The level of organization required to run this
sort of thing smoothly is often beyond that mastered by royal 

> In Service to Kingdom and Shire I remain,
> Talen
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Talen, you're just so germanic!

- Galen of Bristol

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