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>Galen wrote:
>(big snip - talking about presentations to the crown)  
>>But in the final court of an outgoing king & queen, this is necessarily
>>going to happen.  It's simply the last chance people have to make any
>>sort of gift.  Hopefully, people have come to love their rulers, and
>>want to express that sentiment; I am disinclined to discourage that.
>But is this last gift to the *Crown* or is it to the *two tired people 
>under those heavy brass hats*? If your presentation is for the two 
>people, why lengthen court with it? Present your gift to them later that 
>night, in private or at their camp, with your thanks. If your gift is 
>for the *Crown*, then it doesn't really matter who's wearing it, now, 
>does it? If possible present your gift at another event entirely, either 
>before or after Coronation.
This is all fine and good but sometimes gift should and need to be given in
Court.  The example that I will post was at the Coronation of TRM Lloyd and
Joyselyn as second Crown of Ansteorra.  That weekend was very hectic with
Crown being fought on Sat. and Coronation on Sunday.  TRM decried that all
gifts and presentations would be given later, not in court.  Unknown to
them the very young shire of Mooneschadowe has collected money and
commission an artisan to create a crown of grass for Her Majesty to wear
(yes I know that was very impractical but we were young and didn't know any
better).  Most of the shire (college students) had found ways to get down
to Crown/Corination and were in attendance.  We begged a boon from TRM to
allow us to present this gift in court.  TRM granted us this boon and the
complete shire was able to take part.  This was important for our young
group and we came home with renewed energy to work harder at the game.  It
also brought our group to the notice of most of the Kingdom.  So sometime
it is important that a gift be pr4esented in court and at that particular

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