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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Jul 30 15:52:14 PDT 1997

Gunnora Hallakarva said about missing the St. Thompson's College event:

	However, I promise y'all this... I will make time in the next month or so
to come up some weekend that's good for everybody and I will present the
Viking Worldview Persona Development Seminar at a later date.  And,
depending on space available and what people want to do, I'll fetch the
Fimo along and we can play with the clay as well.

Gunnora, would you consider doing this in your own nieghborhood?
How about doing a day or afternoon on some Saturday or Sunday here in
Bryn Gwlad or Ffynnon Gath?  We used to hold monthly A&S classes and
I wouldn't mind organising them again if there was interest.

Is there anyone else here locally that would be interested besides

Stefan li Rous
markh at

PS: For those interested in using fimo to make simulated ivory there
is a long message from Gunnora about this in this file in my SCA Rialto
ivory-msg         (54K)  3/25/97    Ivory carving. ivory substitutes.


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