ANST - Long Courts, Loud Populace

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Wed Jul 30 16:23:40 PDT 1997

Talen wrote:
>>ATTEND THE COURT OR LEAVE IT!  I can't believe the rudeness of some people!
>>A little quiet conversation is okay.  A lot of it is a dull roar.  

Gunnora wrote:
>And this is polite?  Talen, it might be better to speak directly to the
>people acting badly at the time they are doing it.  Nonetheless, I
>guarantee that even if you had had pin-drop silence from the entire
>populace, you'd still have had a difficult time hearing anything.

     Talon's statement is pretty much what we practice and preach in 
Mooneschadowe. Those Mooneschadeen who are court fanatics are easy to 
spot. We sit close to, if not on, the front row of court. We are 
reasonably quiet. If we want to say something to one of our group, we 
lean over & talk quietly or whisper in their ears. Those members of our 
group who do not want to attend court, or do not enjoy court, 
*don't*attend*it*. I don't really know where they go, I just know that 
they're not the ones being loud, noisy and obnoxious during court. 
There's nothing that says everyone has to attend court. Court is not the 
place to start partying.

     I think this is part and parcel with the fact that people don't 
shut up when a herald makes site announcements. Everyone is briefly 
silent after the "oyez", but once the herald says something like "armor 
inspection..." or "classes starting..." those people who aren't 
interested in armor inspection or classes immediately start talking 
again, while the herald is continuing to deliver his announcement. 
Nevermind that the herald might say something that they are interested 

     IMHO, it seems that most people in the sca are indeed rude in this 
area of being quiet and paying attention at court or to a herald making 
announcements. Maybe it's different elsewhere. I would hope so.

one of those rabble rousers from

ps - I don't necessarily agree with everything Talen wrote, but the 
above statement, I definitely agree with!


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