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Thu Jul 31 07:27:40 PDT 1997

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Mitchell, Paul T wrote:

> (BIG snip) some, giving a gift to King Kein is a much different
> thing than giving a gift to Duke Kein will be.  It's an emotional issue
> to them, and frankly, they'll greatly resent the herald who won't let
> them have time in court. 

jumping in...I think there are two sides.  The long court vs. those who
would like to show their happiness.  Drake and I have never told the
herald to not let someone present can always have the herald
announce during the day if there are any presentations that someone would
like to make to please do it at such a such time.  For those at Crown,
they may have seen the bed our Barony gave to Their Majesties.  We tried
to do it between rounds of the light list.  We showed off a beautiful
peace of work and everyone go to see it.  Later that night during feast we
present their outgoing majesties with a hand crafted hat box.  Could we
have done it in court - yes, should we or anyone else been allowed if we
wanted to - yes, did it take away from the gift that we didn't - no.  I
think that is the message that should be sent out - not that it makes
court boring or long but that the gift is no less appreiated done
somewhere else and you don't have to run up give and go away when done in 
private.  You get to talk to the person instead of being hurried off.

Just two cents



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