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>>> Greetings from Ansteorra!
>>>     I hope the noble Trimarian forces are up to the pounding that 
>>>  are going to be taking this Gulf Wars!  I hear the SHROUD sales are 
>>>  in Trimaris.  We have labeled all of ours with the Trimarian battle 
>>>  in case you run short!
>>>  TS
>>big talk...didn't we get this kind of talk prior to our last
>>war?...hmmm...who thumped who again?
>Yeah, I killed quite a few of you and still managed to "snag" the heart 
>of your "least-expected"!!!
>Greetings from the MIGHTY ANSTEORRA!
> guess what, Trimaris... this year we have a "secret weapon"!!! <grin>
>Bet you didn't think that an Ansteorran lady would be brave enough to 
>behind "enemy lines"... unarmed at that... and make it out alive with 
>lotsa' good info!!!  <snicker...tee-hee-hee>
>("Spike", maybe I'll see you there!!!)
> A portion of an poem wriiten by an Ansteorran Lady about last year's 
>... "'Vivat' to the Trimarian King ,
>      he lead his armies well. 
>      It's to this worthy opposer 
>      that the Ansteorrans fell.
>      BUT, let me be the first to say, 
>      our pride is STILL not met, 
>      for the Mighty Ansteorran Army
>      is QUITE the damnedest YET!"
>You know, Trimarians are brave... after-all, you DARE to take us on!!!
>See you there!!!
>P.S. Hi Patti!!!   :)
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