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     <SNIP of much good info, nothing missed that *I* 
      could see at first reading insofar as the Kingdom-level 
      stuff is concerned>

> If we wanted to, we could knight someone for excellence in 
> rapier combat; don't hold your breath.  But I believe that in other
> kingdoms, there are a couple of Laurels for rapier combat.

It is my understanding that there are also a few Laurels which have
been granted for archery or archery-intensive skill-sets. (Master
Leon Dunne [sp.?], right?]

In addition to the Kingdom-level, precedence-bearing (if not always
armigerous) awards noted thus far, an increasing number of
baronial-level "local recognition" danglies seem to be appearing.
Bearing no award of arms, generally recognized only within the
granting group, these appear to have originated with service awards
such as the Ant in Elfsea (since retired and replaced by the
Portcullis[?]) or the Acorn in Steppes. I've seen mention of a
"Muse" in recognition of A&S work (Bryn Gwlad?) as well.  In
Steppes, the "Grice's Track" recognizes service to the local
fighting communities, and has been presented not only to fighters,
marshalls, and armorers but also to waterbearers and, IIRC,

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