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Galen again!

Mike C. Baker wrote:

> It is my understanding that there are also a few Laurels which have
> been granted for archery or archery-intensive skill-sets. (Master
> Leon Dunne [sp.?], right?]

Quite right!  Thanks!
> In addition to the Kingdom-level, precedence-bearing (if not always
> armigerous) awards noted thus far, an increasing number of
> baronial-level "local recognition" danglies seem to be appearing.
> Bearing no award of arms, generally recognized only within the
> granting group, these appear to have originated with service awards
> such as the Ant in Elfsea (since retired and replaced by the
> Portcullis[?]) or the Acorn in Steppes. 

That's right, the Portcullis of Elfea, the Acorn of the Steppes,
the Golden Martlet of Bryn Gwlad are the examples I know best;
these are service awards.

I've seen mention of a
> "Muse" in recognition of A&S work (Bryn Gwlad?) as well.  

Also right.

> Steppes, the "Grice's Track" recognizes service to the local
> fighting communities, and has been presented not only to fighters,
> marshalls, and armorers but also to waterbearers and, IIRC,
> listmistresses.

Likewise, Bryn Gwlad has the Cross Fluery, and Elfsea's Baron 
intends to institute such an award in the near future.

One other recognition for heavy weapons fighters that 
sometimes is made:  on occasion, a knight will give a link of
his chain to someone.  Obviously, that's going to be for
his own reasons.

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