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Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Nov 12 05:52:56 PST 1997

Mark Harris wrote:
> May not take all that long. While visitors to farmyards complain about the
> smell of all the manure and animals, I'm told that after awhile you stop
> smelling it. I've never been on a farm long enough to test this.
> However, there must have been some problems since pomanders were popular
> in some times and cultures. Perhaps they were more for blanketing the wearer of the
> pomander from the smells around them than for those around the wearer?

I won't say that you stop smelling it. You just get used to it, and it
begins to smell normal. Ever drive by a feedlot when the wind is from
the wrong way? This smell is overwhelming and intolerable. Yet people
work there without special oxygen masks or filters.

I think it is almost universal, though, that a clean person smells
better than a filthy, excrement-covered one. And is more likely to
arouse the interest of the opposite sex.

Lord Guillaume, raised on a "country estate".
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