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>Galen here!

>> Queen's Rapier 
>Non-armigerous, given by the Consort for duello (light weapons, or
>"rapier") combat;

It's given by the Queen, not the Consort. If there were a Queen Regnant
again, she would still bestow the QR. (We prefer "Rapier Combat" rather
than light weapons or duello.)

>> Am I missing any?
>Not unless you want to count Royal Peerages, the ranks of Duke/Duchess,
>Count/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess, and their various cultural
>equivalents (Earl, Hrabia, Jarl, Khalid, etc.).  These are given
>after the conculsion of reigns as King/Queen of a Kingdom or
>Prince/Princess of a Principality.  But they're really recognition
>more for ruling than for fighting.

A note: Usually in Ansteorra, the Dukes, etc. are not referred to as Royal
Peers, since in this Kingdom (unlike in some others) the title does not
carry a Patent of Arms. I generally hear "the royal family."
>>   I think that I've been told that the Centurians are to protect the
>>   Prince, 
>I never heard that.  I heard they protect the banner.  But in real life,
>they mostly train and command fighting units.
>>the White Scarves the Queen 
>>and the Chivalry the Kingdom. 
>Actually, we go where we're sent, and do what we're told.  Usually
>that includes trying to keep the King alive on the field.
>> Do
>>   the Princess and King not need protected? (And it's not always the
>>   King who won crown, so please avoid the "King can protect themself"
>>   stuff.)

The Chivalry is regarded by the rest of us as the protectors of the Crown.
The Queen has her special groups, the White Scarves and the Legion of
Swashbucklers, and the Cadets usually watch out for the Crown Princess. But
the lines can and do get muddled as to who is guarding whom.
>>   What are the Sable Falcon, Queen's Rapier and King's Archer given out
>>   for? I'm afraid that I've seen so few of these that I haven't formed a
>>   picture yet.
>Robin of Gilwell once noted that the Sable Falcon is given out for
>fighting better than the King thinks you can.
>The Queen's Rapier seems to be given out for fighting skill at a 
>level less than that required of Dons, but more than just mere
>competence.  These things do vary.

The QR is given to fighters whom the Queen thinks is going in the right
direction to eventually earn a White Scarf.
>There is no rapier tournament which, having won it, bestows any armigerous
>title.  You can't simply win the right rapier tourney and get promoted, 
>as you can by winning Crown.  That's what _Corpora_'s prohibition is
>about.  If we wanted to, we could knight someone for excellence in 
>rapier combat; don't hold your breath.  But I believe that in other
>kingdoms, there are a couple of Laurels for rapier combat.

Yes, the G&PD (I'd have to ask Tivar for the exact number) specifically
prohibits rapier combat from being the vehicle for earning titles such as
Crown. If you want to look at it that way, Tivar's Pelican is for rapier,
and I am reasonably certain that there is at least one Laurel for rapier
(Don Artemis of An Tir).
>>   Thanks for everyone's time.
>What fun!

And how!
Bryn Gwlad

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