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Galen W. Bevel galenbv at
Wed Nov 5 18:06:16 PST 1997

Galen of Bristol wrote:
> Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> >
> > Galen (Classic, New, or Cherry Galen I don't know -- nobody's ever
> > listed them all for me and their various designators) wrote:
> Sir Galen Classic:  Sir Galen of Bristol, Ansteorra's first "Sir Galen".
> New Sir Galen:  Sir Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer, the 2nd "Sir Galen" (but
> whose mundane name is Galen, as well.  This fell out of date when a
> 3rd Sir Galen was knighted.
> Cherry Sir Galen:  If you pronounce "Kirchenbauer" with a soft "ch"
> sound,
> it translates as "cherry tree".  But Graf Galen pronounces it with a
> hard "ch", "church-builder".  He doesn't care much for this nickname.
> New improved Sir Galen:  Kirchenbauer suggested this for himself after
> he
> won Crown Tourney.  Kind of out-of-date, since I'm now a Pelican and
> Niccoli is a new Court Baron.
> Sir Galen Light:  Sir Galen Niccoli, who is also a Don.
> - Sir Galen Classic
> --
Actually, I don't think "cherry" very accurately describes _any_ of our
multitudinous Sir Galens <wink>.  However, improved certainly fits us
all, since all of our "formulas" have been changed since our respective
Knightings (just look in the OP...).

OTOH, almost any of them are an improvement over what I usually get,
"Hey you! Get back to work!"

Sir Galen K.
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