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 So, along with underwire bras, hubcaps and other forms of separate two 
 piece breast covers are Right Out for heavy combat for women. (The 
 underwires are discouraged because it is possible to break an underwire in 
 combat and drive the sharp wire end into a breast -- I have six stitches 
 under my left breast from doing just that!)

Yea, I remember when I started fighting in 83, there were really no other
women fighting in that area, and the men were overly concerned with the
safety of my breasts, and pushed me to try what they had seen in opera,
mainly those silly pointy breast-covers.  I have always thought of them as
"cookie cutters" with the curved in edges just waiting against soft
unsupported flesh.  (shudder)  It was this argument that finally got their
attention, as they were all graphically minded, and had vivid imaginations.

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