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The bathing thing does seen to come up quite often..especially right after
the tourney is over1 <grin>  My reading does seem to indicate that the at
least the Northern groups, i.e. Norway, etc.  were fond of a daily dousing
and combing of the hair.  Seems kind of odd, considering the water
temperature up there.  So, go figure!

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>njones at wrote:
>> Hello friends,
>> Since the topic of education in the SCA is current, I thought I would
>> share some of what I am learning in my Ancient and Medieval Western
>> Civilization class in college.
>> Anybody care to comment?
>> Gio.
>The old "a dark cloud descended over Europe for a thousand years"
>mentality still exists in the academic world. I believe strongly in the
>ecuctional aspects of the SCA. Most of our work is done in our own
>benefit and that is fine. As an educational organization our first goal
>is to raise the level of understanding of our own membership. Then we
>can start working with others.
>I hear stories all the time about what somebody heard in class or what
>their child heard in grade school. That is the best part of being able
>to do public demos. Beyond the fact that we have pulled over half of our
>local membership (Barony of Bonwicke) from such activities. I know it is
>like the story of the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dyke.
>What bother me is what I here from some of the instant experts in the
>SCA. An SCA/Geenpeace type told some locals that the Sahara was a desert
>because the Mongols cut down all the trees to grow grass for their
>horses. The old lie about 'they didn't take a bath' does very well in
>the Society. I hear it at least every other event or so. We have a lot
>of people who do a lot of good work; then I look at the other 60% of the
>Society and sometimes it grts a little depressing.
>                             Garth
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