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Lorraine wrote:
> Independant (from Peerage) Patents
As I argued before, I think Corpora implies "patent" = "peer".  (But
"peer" is not defined anywhere ... *#$(%^ badly-written Corpora!)

> could only be awarded to persons
> who had held the Crown or Consort position.

I dimly recall someone saying that a patent could only be awarded to a
royal (that is, a King, Queen, Prince, or Princess stepping down) at
the end of their reign -- you can't go back later and give it to them
then.  I recall it being a Board ruling.  If that's the case, it's not
really "independant", then.

> Kief tried to find a way to bestow other independant patents

Um, just out of curiousity, why?

> but the Laurel would not even entertain the thought and adendums would
> need to be written into Society Law.

... which is why Laurel King of Arms didn't even entertain the
thought: Corpora is the document that makes the restriction (it can
only be given to Pels, Laurels, Chiv, Rose, and ex-Royals), and Laurel
has no ability to change it by one jot or tiddle.  Might as well ask
the Secretary of the Treasury to change the federal bankruptcy law.
Or, to use a late-period example, ask Parliament (in England) to
declare that God is not God.

(Of course, one could ask Laurel to lobby for a change, but one could
ask *anyone* to lobby the Board.  Given the amount of fuss and time
the proposed "'sir/dame' for other peers" issue had, I really doubt
that such lobbying would work.)

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