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The main thing that Bryn Gwlad needs for archery at this time is
a place to practice. We were doing a little at Hancock Park when
we held a Sunday afternoon fighter practice there. Unfortunately,
after an arrow skipped and landed too close to a golfer, they
stopped allowing us to hold archery there.

So, one of the first things an archery marshall needs to do is
help find a new spot. When the UT Intermural archery range was
last explored, I believe we were told UT students only, but it
would be worth checking again.

The archery marshall needs to be able to transport the archery
target butts around or make arrangements for someone else to
do this.

As the office is now vacant and has been for a while, I imagine
you would have some latitude in what you wanted to do in the
office. I believe you would be the officer in charge of making
sure that any archery done under SCA auspices in the barony
would be done in a safe manner in compliance with any SCA
Corporate rules. This is a minimum. But I would hope that you
would also take a hand in encouraging archery in the barony
after it's near demise in the past few years.

Most of what you need can be learned or subcontracted out.
Enthusiasm and interest are what you need to start.

Stefan li Rous
mark_harris at

Date: 11/7/97 4:00 PM
To: Mark Harris
From: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG
Actually, I am not aware of a guild existing in Bryn Gwlad. I was
trying to collect info myself.

If anyone has info on what it takes (technically and personally) to be
a good archery marshall I'd appreciate your fowarding it to me.


--- <aaac at> wrote:
> I'm interested in the archer's guild.  Can you supply any information?
> -Amy Katherine MacAiedh  (mka Amy Crane)

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