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Galen, I do agree with you.  Which brings up a touchy subject in and of
itself.  How do you gain new members?  I really enjoy those people who
wander up at fighter practices or demos and take a genuine interest in the
group.  However, it has been my experience that the SCA grows by personal
contacts.  We may catch one at a demo and that person brings in lots of
personal contacts.    I wouldn't shut down for an outside event either.
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>> > I have seen several people writing about the Ren Fairs drawing new
members.  This accounts for a great deal here in the Western Region.  We
have had 3 major
>> N, these take precedence over traveling to events.  As an educator, I
feel my primary place is educating students and public to what we are and
>> > Ulrica
>> >
>> >
>> Since we are a EDUCATIONAL HISTORICAL recreation group, I say
>> ditto. Events are fun, but if you are not sharing the wealth of know-
>> ledge, how else are we to grow?
>> Chrystal Ariana Mac Ruari, Baroness of Raven's Fort
>Oh, I don't know...  I learn a lot about history at events, mainly
>from people who care enough about authenticity to research it and
>try to emulate what was really done.  I thought that was what the
>SCA's "educational" tag refers to.  I've rarely seen much educating
>going on at RenFaires, except, as Ulrica said above, educating
>about _us_, in order to do recruiting.
>Don't get me wrong, I'm all for recruiting, but I'm not prepared to
>shut down the kingdom for the Texas Renaissance Festival nor for
>Scarborough Faire.  Nor even for the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy
>Faire.  I think it works best by far when we each set our own
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