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Erik Langhans modius at
Sat Nov 8 07:31:40 PST 1997

The conversations re new member acquisition/retention have wandered near and far.  Three points to keep in mind...

Point 1:  We are a non-profit educational group.  During my 2+ years on the Grand Council of the SCA I have read/heard an incredible range of opinions.  One thing which is accepted as fact by this diverse group which always argues and debates every single word is that we have at our core legal charter the requirement that we maintain the non-profit educational focus.  This we do for the most part across every kingdom with each demo we put on.  We must continue to educate in order to maintain our legal status.  Demos are A tool in our repertoire. 

Point 2:  To grow or not to grow.  I am always surprised when I ask SCAers this question.  As an administrator I personally feel to grow we must have a steady infusion of new ideas and blood.  Some do not agree.  As the SCA grows yes there will be hardships in dealing with the problems inherent with an organization in this mode.  But, there are plenty of people who will be there willing to help shape and reshape our form, structure, and operations.  What we do is FUN and EDUCATIONAL.  It lives and breathes on its own.  We give from our hearts and we are in turn made more by the sum of us all coming together and sharing the SCA. 

Point 3.  Sources of New Members.  As the Kingdom Hospitaler my focus is on new member relations/acquisition/retention.  Faires are the #1 source of this new blood for areas that have them.  This fact is evidenced in the reports I receive on a monthly basis.  In the 3.5 years I have been associated with the Kingdom Hospitaler's office (2 of which as Deputy Kingdom Hospitaler) the monthly reports and recaps bear this out concretely.  In addition, groups with an active Local Branch Hospitaler have a correspondingly greater number of new members who show up at meetings/events.  Demos are a decent place to find new members depending on the type, ie if it is a college demo vs a kindergarten demo.

I hope I have not come across in a patronizing way. It was not my intention, but I have STRONG feeling re what we do and the importance of bringing in new blood.

Modius von Mergentheim

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