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Lee Martindale lmartin at
Mon Nov 10 16:38:44 PST 1997

Accompanied by the sound of axes apparently being ground, we

> If it were educational, why is somebody who cares about accuracy termed an
> authent-o-crat and generally looked down upon (from what I've experienced)?

In my own experience, it is rarely those who care about authenticity
that are labeled "authent-o-crat" or other non-flattering phrases.
Those terms are more often applied to individuals who, in the name
of "authenticity", berate, belittle, discourage and generally give
rather good impressions of the north end of a southbound horse.

> In general, SCA'ers seem more concerned with socializing and partying all
> dressed up in garb than historical fact.

An interesting point which begs the question of why you feel moved
to continue in our company.

> Granted, I'm no authent-o-crat myself.

How odd.  The impression I've received is that you are very much the definition of the term I gave above.

Llereth, Bard
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