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A Blending of the Past and Present       

Because I am now getting materials for my files from a variety of sources in 
addition to the Rialto ( including articles sent to me by email
and several mail lists, I have decided to rename my files, StefanÕs Florilegium.

Florilegium - (literally, "a gathering of flowers").  In medieval times, 
Florilegia were collections of choice tidbits (from Ovid, Aristotle, various 
popes, church scholars, etc.) arranged topically. Typically, a florilegium is 
huge, encyclopedic, and contains only choice selections from particular works.

Anyone interested in these files is encouraged to request a copy of my complete
filelist by email. I can send this filelist or any of these files by email or
by copying them to a computer diskette if you donÕt have WWW access.

Those of you who have World-Wide-Web (WWW) access can get these files at:

    Ld. Stefan li Rous   (512)892-0036   mark_harris at

Here are the new files for this month:

aspic-msg             Notes on aspic, a meat-base gelatin.
beans-msg             Medieval, old-world beans. Recipes.
bowstrings-msg        Medieval bowstrings. Making bowstrings.
canning-msg           Use of canning in the SCA. Directions.
eels-msg              Eel dishes. Getting and cleaning eels.
fairy-tales-msg       Period fairy tales and nursery rhymes.
gingerbread-msg       Medieval gingerbread. Recipes.
headcooks-msg         Advice for SCA headcooks. Planning feasts.
hose-manu-MA-art      "Hosiery Manufacture in the Middle Ages"
                         translated by Johanna Lemercer.
illusion-fds-msg      Medieval illusion foods. Diguised food.
magic-moments-msg     "Magic Moments" experienced in the SCA.
relics-fr-all-art     "Relics for all" by Lord Xaviar the 
                         Eccentric. The Black Rood of Scotland.
pastries-msg          Medieval pastries. Recipes.

I have just added three more good articles from Mistress Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester:

cl-13th-fem-art       "A Brief Critical Look at WomenÕs Thirteenth 
                                       Century Dress"
Domin-Order-art       "Friars Preachers:  The Dominican Order in 
                                       the Middle Ages"
WK-Castles-art        "A Visit to Warwick and Kenilworth Castles"

Here are some of the files that have had substantial additions this past month:

Anst-hist-msg         Histories of the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
babies-msg            Camping with babies.
bow-making-msg        Making archery bows.
cloaks-msg            Cloaks, cloak pins and clasps.
desserts-msg          Medieval and SCA dessert recipes. Sweets.
feast-serving-msg     Ideas for serving feasts. How to organise.
fruits-msg            Medieval fruits and fruit dishes. Recipes.
largess-ideas-msg     Ideas for largess and gifts. Royalty gifts.
placenames-msg        Origins and meanings of SCA placenames.
pottery-msg           Medieval pottery, kilns. modern equivalents.
rattan-msg            Working with rattan. Rattan sources.
sewing-tools-msg      Medieval sewing tools, needles, thimbles.
soap-msg              Period soap and soapmaking.
utensils-msg          Utensils, plates, trenchers, cast iron pots.
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