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Mon Nov 10 16:12:49 PST 1997


IF you show people that you are having fun doing "whatever" it may be
that you are doing,  Then other people will wonder what is so *great*
about what you're doing, ask questions and maybe even try it.  If they
have a good time, they do it again and again.  This is how you gain
members, and lasting ones.  It doesn't matter *where* you are...
A Fantasy Ren.  Fairre, Fighter practice in the park, or at a demo...

THe keys to gaining members...   

1) having a good time (they have fun they do it again)
2) Showing hospitality, generosity, warmth right from the start
3) Not acting like "children"   EX...  Sticking noses up at Ren fairre
people, slamming them for their *obvious lack of research and
authenticity*  when as people are arguing now... WE aren't even *really*
sure what "Authentic" IS.
4)  ANd most important...  "IF they Like it... they will come."

As for "Authenticity"... it is up to each person how close to the *real*
thing they want to make their persona... and up to none of us to
criticize something we may know nothing about...  IE>  A 15th century fop
who knows just enough about the celts to picture someone wearing Woad
Looking down his nose at someone wearing a T-Tunic, furry boots and
braids  because the "Celt"  isn't what the Fop percieves as the "Proper"
garb for a Celtic persona.

WEll... i figure that's enough outta me for now...  I'm done with my
Cameo appearance.  I mean no offense to anybody, so sorry if i have
bruised anybody's feelings :)

Ever Fleaful
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