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Mon Nov 10 00:31:34 PST 1997

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Alisha <keandbc at> wrote:
> >Gio.
> >
> >p.s.  Sorry if I mangled the spelling of your name, names aren't 
> >exactly my specialty.  (Ask her Magesty, she'll vouch for that.  :)
> hmmm...maybe We should have you do court at....yeah, 12th Night in
> the Steppes....lots of names,.....:)

Oh, please!  He has lots of friends in the Steppes, and I'm sure
they'd love to hear him call their names in court!

Daniel de Lincoln, knowing that it's rather hard to mangle his name by
accident (not that he's at all likely to be called up)
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