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joelight joelight at
Mon Nov 10 05:53:00 PST 1997

Greetings Modius!  Ulrica here!
    I think you and I have had this discussion a few times...deja vu.  In no
way would I say that a Hospitaller is not an important part of a group.
However, I think that we ditch our responsibilities to them at times.  It is
easy to say, "Hey, go talk to the Hospitaller."  Instead, we should ALL be
ambassadors to potential new members.  It isn't the friendly people that run
new folk off.  I do believe that we, as an organization, have created a
monster of offices and paperwork which cuts so much of the FUN and EDUCATION
out it!  When it only takes 10 to make a Shire and I can come up with 6 or 7
suggested offices right off hand...I guess it is just a reflection of the
real world we live in.  Something I try to get away from on the weekends!
Okay, off the soap box.
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