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Vanora Villon vanora at
Mon Nov 10 15:26:06 PST 1997

Greetings from Lady Vanora!

 I appriciate the repsonce given to me on the mailing lists concerning 
the issue of women's chest protection.
 I'd "guesstimate" there was about a 95% Yes on dropping Ansteorra's 
rule to Corporate's gambison rule. But one thing remained consistant in 
all of the replies... the fear of getting hurt or having a false 
positive mamogram.
 I discussed this topic with my lord, Sir Corwin von Xanten, 
_extensively_ last night. I agreed to publish his thoughts on the topic 
for him... in light of what I believe will be the results of this issue 
being brought to our crown. 
 He is quite passionate in his opinion that women should be mandated to 
wear chest protection. Why? He doesn't want to see us ladies get hurt 
and he WILL "pull" blows to avoid hurting any of us. I know how I feel 
about that... he'd better be ready for a whirl-wind! But, for what I'm 
saying, that's neither here nor there. 
 We agreed that the rule will _probably_ be dropped, but wondered how to 
deal with new women fighters comming in and thinking that this new 
minimum rule is just "hunky-dory". I DON'T want to be told that I have 
to wear more protection because some new ladies can't start-off with 
only a gambison... on the other side of the coin, some of these new 
ladies on the field will be in for one big suprise the first time hit in 
the chest without rigid protection. My lord suggested stating in the new 
rule (assuming this happens) that new women fighters _should_ be 
mandated to wear chest protection for "X" ammount of time. But my 
question is how do we do that? What amount of time would be reasonable? 
Let's say it's a year... can she fight for only three times in that year 
while another lady fights 3 times a week for a year before they can both 
drop the protection? Is this a reasonable request?
 I do wish to see women forewarned of the possible problem with cysts in 
the breasts, which was Her Majesty's -Alisha's- point (with a yes "vote" 
to my poll.) These cysts can show-up on a mamogram as a lump and can 
throw-off the dr.'s. That is one consideration for every woman deciding 
to take off their "gear". Another is "can I deal with the pain...knowing 
there's no danger of long term damage?" I know it will hurt me at one 
time or another (and in turn upset my lord greatly..."lordy-lordy!") 
but, I know I can deal with any physical pain after having had a 9lb-7oz 
boy with NO meds. (As an old drill sgt. fried of mine loved to say, 
"DEAL with it!")

Please tell me what you think without goining into anything long on 
medical facts/opinions... who said what... issues on grion protection... 
etc... In other words, please keep it simple. I'm on at least 5 
different mailing lists and don't have time to read all the long details 
to the responces.

Thank you!

In Service to the Sable Star and to the Dream,
~Lady Vanora Villon de Paris~
esquire to Viscount Galen of Bristol,
Lady of Sir Corwin von Xanten, 
Fist woman to the Teutonic Order of the Dragon- Atlantia, 
Barony of Elfsea/ Ansteorra*

(:"When life deals you lemons... stuff them in your bra!" :)

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