ANST - Results on Ladies

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Nov 10 16:47:48 PST 1997

Lady Vanora said:

> My lord suggested stating in the new 
> rule (assuming this happens) that new women fighters _should_ be 
> mandated to wear chest protection for "X" ammount of time. 

I think such a rule would be much too arbitrary. Either require it
or don't. There is nothing to indicate that someone who is an
experienced fighter is less likely to get hurt from a blow to the
breasts than someone who is new at it. Remember in a battle
scenerio, anyone is likely to get hit.

If you want to modify it, say such and such is the minimum required
armor. However, we encourage the use of more armor. Or While these
are the minimum requirements, depending upon your build and other
considerations, you may want to add further protection. If you do
so, this additional protection should meet these requirements (no
seperate cups etc., etc.)

Stefan li Rous

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