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Mon Nov 10 20:50:22 PST 1997

I wrote:
> >...chastity belts were extremly common and warn by all the wives when
> >their men were out on the Crusades.

And Bear commented: 
> Was there a corresponding increase in locksmiths?  What are the
> references cited to support the claim?

No references were given.  That is my main problem with all of the bits
I posted.  She didn't give any concrete cited information to back them
up.  She just threw them out during her lecture as facts.  

[other comments deleted]

> You got my comments. Have at them.

Thanks, I do appreciate it.  I have just about ground my teeth into dust
this semester during some of these Prof's lectures.  I dearly want to
ask her for primary sources to back up some of her statements.  


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