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Tue Nov 11 05:23:07 PST 1997

Galen here!

Master Kief wrote:
> On this point I agree...although I do not remember anyone advocating we "shut
> down the kingdom...". 

I may have misunderstood, but I thought I read someone's post to the
effect that recruiting at RenFaire should take priority over attending
events.  That seems to me to be a very personal decision, and a
priority I do not share, much as I enjoy working with new fighters.
For those who feel that way, fine; have fun in Plantersville, I know
you'll do the SCA proud.  But we still need event attendees, too.

> Each of us have our own favorite methods of promoting the
> SCA. This is a great thing, it means that our energies are spread over a wider
> area and into different venues. The growth of the various Ren-Fests,
> Med-Faires, and Fantasy Cons are evidence of fertile ground in which we can sow
> our seeds of honor, chivalry, courtesy, and other ideals of our Society... The
> more people we can reach, the more folk we have to teach and play with...

Which is exactly the point I was trying to make.


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