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Heilsa all Good Ansteorrans and True...

Kief here...scribbling on HL Lorraine's time...

>How do you gain new members?  I really enjoy those people who
>wander up at fighter practices or demos and take a genuine interest in the
>group.  However, it has been my experience that the SCA grows by personal
>contacts.  We may catch one at a demo and that person brings in lots of
>personal contacts.    I wouldn't shut down for an outside event either.

Here in Raven's Fort we have gathered new members from the following

1. Local and regional demos at:
   a. Schools (all levels)
   b. Fairs and Parades

2. Fighter practices.

3. Being listed on:

   a. Local Arts Commision
   b. Local Chamber of Commerce
   c. University recognized Student Organization
4. Texas Renaissance Festival

5. Word of mouth.

6. Bringing in new friends, co-workers, classmates, etc.

7. Members moving in to our area.


>>> Since we are a EDUCATIONAL HISTORICAL recreation group, I say
>>> ditto. Events are fun, but if you are not sharing the wealth of know-
>>> ledge, how else are we to grow?
>>> Chrystal Ariana Mac Ruari, Baroness of Raven's Fort
>>Oh, I don't know...  I learn a lot about history at events, mainly
>>from people who care enough about authenticity to research it and
>>try to emulate what was really done.  I thought that was what the
>>SCA's "educational" tag refers to.  I've rarely seen much educating
>>going on at RenFaires, except, as Ulrica said above, educating
>>about _us_, in order to do recruiting.

A good bit of "educating" goes on at Ren-Fests... It's in the form of
"dispelling common myths" about the SCA in general. Teaching/demonstrating
various skills that our folk have learned. General interaction with the
"everyday" people that attend a Ren-Faire and have a preconceived notion of
"Medieval and Renaissance history"... Sure, we "educate" folks about the SCA.
Everytime we tell our story to a friend are co-worker we do the else
are we to expand our ranks and continue our growth?

>>Don't get me wrong, I'm all for recruiting, but I'm not prepared to
>>shut down the kingdom for the Texas Renaissance Festival nor for
>>Scarborough Faire.  Nor even for the Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy
>>Faire.  I think it works best by far when we each set our own

On this point I agree...although I do not remember anyone advocating we "shut
down the kingdom...". Each of us have our own favorite methods of promoting the
SCA. This is a great thing, it means that our energies are spread over a wider
area and into different venues. The growth of the various Ren-Fests,
Med-Faires, and Fantasy Cons are evidence of fertile ground in which we can sow
our seeds of honor, chivalry, courtesy, and other ideals of our Society... The
more people we can reach, the more folk we have to teach and play with... 

Waes Thu Hael kinfolk...

Kief av Kiersted...

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