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Tue Nov 11 07:47:49 PST 1997

Gio wrote:
>...chastity belts were extremly common and warn by all the wives when
>their men were out on the Crusades.

And Bear commented: 
> Was there a corresponding increase in locksmiths?  What are the
> references cited to support the claim?

Gio answered:
>Thanks, I do appreciate it.  I have just about ground my teeth into dust
>this semester during some of these Prof's lectures.  I dearly want to
>ask her for primary sources to back up some of her statements.  


If you want referances for chasity belts but not use as pervasive a
use as she implies take a look at:

The Girdle of Chasity, A History of the Chasity Belt. by Dr. Erie
John Dingwall, ISBN 1-56619-031-2 Dorset Press 1992. 

This book is pretty comprehensive. If they were as common as your
professor says, there would be more examples, both primary and 
secondary evidence.

There are other referances also given in the chasity-belts-msg file
in the ACCESSORIES section of Stefan's Florilegium. 

Stefan li Rous
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