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Tue Nov 11 07:53:47 PST 1997

Heilsa my Brother and all interested others...!

>Galen here!
>Master Kief wrote:
>> On this point I agree...although I do not remember anyone advocating we "shut
>> down the kingdom...". 
>I may have misunderstood, but I thought I read someone's post to the
>effect that recruiting at RenFaire should take priority over attending

I do believe that you are correct. It may well have been HL Lorraine's comment
you are refering to. She did not advocate non-attendance at Kingdom events, she
believes that the opportunity to gather in newcomers is the best we have during
the year. As an aside...I was able to attend but one Ren-Fest weekend this
year, and I do love to do so. I was able to give out information to 6 people
from Louisiana, several from the greater Loch/Raven's/Gate on the Border area,
some from Central Texas and North Texas, as well as folks from several
different states and Australia... This was in but 3 hours of talking and
working at the information booth...

>That seems to me to be a very personal decision, and a
>priority I do not share, much as I enjoy working with new fighters.
>For those who feel that way, fine; have fun in Plantersville, I know
>you'll do the SCA proud.  But we still need event attendees, too.

Again I agree with you...'tis a personal decision. We truly do need event
attendees! I spent most of the last month and a half going to SCA events (as
did HL Lorraine) Fun at the Texas Ren-Festival is part of the game, but so is
the hard work of the personal demos, group demos and even the "mini-events" put
on by the sponsoring groups. The fighters do up to _12_ melees in one day to
promote our Society. Personally I will continue to support the Ren-Fest demo.
It was one of the reasons that I originally joined, and continued to play in,
the Society.

>> Each of us have our own favorite methods of promoting the
>> SCA. This is a great thing, it means that our energies are spread over a wider
>> area and into different venues. The growth of the various Ren-Fests,
>> Med-Faires, and Fantasy Cons are evidence of fertile ground in which we can sow
>> our seeds of honor, chivalry, courtesy, and other ideals of our Society... The
>> more people we can reach, the more folk we have to teach and play with...
>Which is exactly the point I was trying to make.

Shucks, what can I say... We're seeing eye-to-eye once more... *grin*
>- Galen

Waes Thu Hael Brother and kinfolk...

Kief av Kiersted (onlyyouraverageoneleggedlefty...)

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