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Salut, Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

Sir Galen of Bristol writes:

>That's true.  As one who is mundanely conservative (someone
>once asked me how I could be conservative _and_ be in the SCA --
>betraying, I think, an ignorance of either conservatism or the
>SCA, or both), I know that I have been remarkably successful 
>in thoroughly indoctrinating my squires with conservative ideology, 
>while also teaching them everything else they know.  (Yeah, right; 
>talk politics with Conor sometime.  Or armor.)  Recently, young 
>Philip from Three Bridges showed up to fighter practice in Elfsea 
>wearing a t-shirt supportive of the U.S. President; I noticed and 
>resolved that I would not remark on it, as this was fighter practice, 
>and I was there for other things.  About 20 minutes later, Candall 
>called over to me, "Hey, Galen, did you see his t-shirt?!?"  
>Sometimes, even when I'm behaving, I can't win. 

Uh, you might want to reconsider that particular combination of adjectives,
Sir G.  Mundanely conservative?  Sounds positively arthritic.

As to trouble with being conservative in the SCA, I thought you guys were
the majority, at least among the fighters.  

Incidentally, why should you be bothered by a Bill Clinton t-shirt?  I know
he pretended to have liberal leanings during his first term, but this
second term has shown him to be more staunchly conservative than George
Bush.  And mundane, for that matter. :^>

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