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Tue Nov 11 09:43:48 PST 1997

Galen here!

Nan Bradford-Reid wrote:
> >> The SCA is more of a 20th century, politically correct, polished version
> >> of the middle ages.
> Hardly, in a lot of ways, the middle ages has nothing on the politics people
> try to play in this 'game' we call SCA.  

Oh, I don't know about _that_.  Mundane politics (nor SCA politics) 
doesn't get people burned at the stake the way period politics did 
to St. Joan d'Arc.  Not to mention what happened to poor Edward II.  
Or Richard II.  Or Henry VI.

> The SCA is a microcosm of society
> as a whole.  We carry our foibles, politics and all into our weekend
> pursuit, even to include some folks letting others tell them how to think
> and act because we give them a power they don't really possess.

That's true.  As one who is mundanely conservative (someone
once asked me how I could be conservative _and_ be in the SCA --
betraying, I think, an ignorance of either conservatism or the
SCA, or both), I know that I have been remarkably successful 
in thoroughly indoctrinating my squires with conservative ideology, 
while also teaching them everything else they know.  (Yeah, right; 
talk politics with Conor sometime.  Or armor.)  Recently, young 
Philip from Three Bridges showed up to fighter practice in Elfsea 
wearing a t-shirt supportive of the U.S. President; I noticed and 
resolved that I would not remark on it, as this was fighter practice, 
and I was there for other things.  About 20 minutes later, Candall 
called over to me, "Hey, Galen, did you see his t-shirt?!?"  

Sometimes, even when I'm behaving, I can't win. 

> Catherine

- Galen
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