Mundane Politics (was: Re: ANST - Educational view)

Carl Hess cjhess at
Tue Nov 11 08:17:08 PST 1997

> Catherine wrote:

> Actually, one should be supportive of the President; Bill Clinton maybe
> But the Office of the President deserves our allegiance and respect. 
> as one might not care for the man sitting on the throne of your kingdom,
> still swear fealty because you are swearing fealty to the Crown (the
> and not the man wearing it.
> By the laws of both entities, the president and the king are the lawfully
> chosen leaders and deserve obedience and respect until they are lawfully
> removed, either by re-election/crown tournament or legal action.  It does
> not mean that anyone should take their word without question, but I'm
> getting damn tired of people dissing the president and ignoring his
> regardless of who is holding it.  How's that for conservative? 

What say we keep the mundane (AKA modern) aspects of politics out of this
discussion group?  I think there's plenty to talk about in the realms that
the mailing list covers: the SCA, medieval history, and our fair kingdom. 
Please?  :)

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