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Tue Nov 11 16:21:07 PST 1997

As of now. Solid fiberglass only 1/4" minimum diamater with 3/8" being a
practial maximin size (gets to heavy). With Baldar Blunts, Thistle Missles,
and built up heads using UHMW (1 1/4" dia. by 1" long). Long bow recurve
only, crosbows had a problem with thistle missles in the first round of
testing and more tests are bing run. I will hav eto get with Sir Karl about
the other built up heads that we tested.
There are tests being run using 1/4" od 1/8" id fiberglass tube with the
ends pluged. If you have access to this type of fiberglass contact Sir Jon
and Sir Karl and Don Sebastian about runing tests. You will have to know the
weight of your bow ( weighted on a bow scale), draw leigth, some way to make
up 2 or mor expermantial arrows plus have 2 or more of currently leagle
arrows (preferable more that one type (AWA, Baldar, thistle, and have them
on wood and fiberglass would be nice) some place to shoot the exp. arrow and
the standed arrow about 50 times each into a solid surface from 15' at a 90
deg. and at about a 45 deg. angle. Inspect each arrow after each shot, and
see how long it takes for the exp. arrow to fail. You do the shooting twice
once with a 30# at 28" bow and again with a heaver bow. Send the results to
all of the above. Sir Jon (SCA Archery Marshal Sir Karl Ansteorran Knight
Marshal Don Sebastian Ansteorran Archery Marshal).
While you are runing the test you might want to weight the arrows and do a
distance test on each 5 shots averages would be nice.
For anyone that is interested we are talking about this on the SCA Missle
Combat List now.  
>     Greetings unto the list,
>        Has anyone seen the specs for fiberglass shafts for combat archery 
>     yet?
>                                Needing to know
>                                Owen...
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