ANST - Bathing

Tim Lozos dentim at
Wed Nov 12 08:30:47 PST 1997

I hesitate to admit this, but while watching Braveheart for the zillionth
time (and yes, I DO cry every time!)  I noticed for the first time the
'stinky masses'....and to think, the Princess of Wales in all of her finery,
jumped in the sack with William of Wallace after he had been fighting all
those nasty Englishmen for a couple of years...*yuck*
Not to mention oral hygeine probably wasn't a real concern for them, and
they sure did have passionate kisses...

Well, I know what Timo smells like after fighting all day, and I know what
insults my delicate olfactory senses!  (as I gesture wildly to the


(ps...I could tell you a gross story of climbing in bed after a long day at
Gulf 3 I think...and Timo snoring on his back with his arms above
his head...the fog was so bad in the tent I had to put a pillow over my head...)

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