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Thu Nov 13 05:24:19 PST 1997

James Crouchet wrote:
> > > The QR is given to fighters whom the Queen thinks is going in the right
> > > direction to eventually earn a White Scarf.
> >
> > Hmmmm, so it would be Bad Thing for someone to have a Queen's Rapier
> > but never be a candidate for a White Scarf?
> I really think the original statement was an oversimplification to
> the point of being misleading. More exactly (but still
> oversimplified), the "list" of what qualifies one for a Queen's
> Rapier is the same as the "list" of what qualifies one for a White
> Scarf, save in degree. Except in cases where it is given for
> something else, such as a singular spectacular act (on or off the
> field). Some may protest that it should not be given for singular
> acts, but that fact it that it sometimes is so given.
> Anyway, the achievement of one level in various qualities and skills
> does not mean that a person will necessarily advance to the next
> level in any -- let alone all -- those areas. There is no shame in
> this as we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  There is,
> however something very wrong in giving someone an award they do not
> qualify for, even if they have "gone as far as they can" in that
> area.
> Don Doré

Thank you.  This is what I was looking for in my question above.

- Galen

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