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> 5. As for Knighthood not being able to be given for rapier, I think 
> that the last time the BoD seriously discussed the possibility of a 
> peerage for rapier they ended up saying something like, "This should 
> not be an issue as we already have a fighting peerage and don't need 
> to make another." Man is THAT open to interpretation. I would love to 
> hear one of the BoD members from that meeting explain the intent of 
> that statement, but I expect the intent was to leave the whole issue 
> on the back burner for a few more years. Anyone reading this who was 
> around for that?
> OPINION: Personally, the peerage thing is not a big deal to me one 
> way or the other. The White Scarf can meet as a circle and do our 
> thing, so the work gets done (or if it does not then making a 
> peerage would not help). The important thing is our service to the 
> rapier community, the rest is all window dressing.
> Don Doré

The biggest complaint that I've heard about this is that the Crown is chosen
from a heavy weapons tournament, so those that don't fight heavy for whatever
reason, never have a chance at the throne no matter how good they are at light

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