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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Nov 13 11:16:14 PST 1997

Don DorŽ said:

> The White Scarf can meet as a circle and do our
> thing, so the work gets done (or if it does not then making a
> peerage would not help). The important thing is our service to the
> rapier community, the rest is all window dressing.

I hope this was not meant as provincial as it comes across as.

I would hope that the service that a knight does would be
such that it benefits the SCA community as a whole and not just 
the armored fighting community. While the service will probably
be in the area of armored fighting, I would hope the knight has
in mind the interests of the SCA as a whole.

If the viewpoint expressed above was what was meant and is prevalent
among the Dons then I would say that the Dons are still a ways from

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