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Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Thu Nov 13 12:11:54 PST 1997

     Tyrca wrote:

>    Here are some of the first details of our upcoming Rapier Champion 
>and Collegium event, scheduled on the Kingdom Calendar for January 23, 
>1998.  In addition to the Light Weapons, we are planning an offering of 
>Late-Period classes, Children's Activities, a luncheon or Tavern, an 
>evening feast, and a Masked Ball.
    We would like to know what sort of classes would be interesting for 
>you, and whether or not any out there would enjoy teaching one of those 
>classes for us.  If you have any ideas or comments, you can reply here, 
>or contact our Collegium Co-ordinator.

     Ohhh, a Masked Ball! So has anyone volunteered to teach dance 
class(es) during the day? Contact me if you need a dance instructor. 

     Other classes: maybe on late period costume construction/designs, 
accessories for costumes, intermediate tablet weaving, blackwork 
embroidery. Just some ideas.

     dssweet at


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