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> I hesitate to admit this, but while watching Braveheart for the zillionth 
> time (and yes, I DO cry every time!)  I noticed for the first time the 
> 'stinky masses'....and to think, the Princess of Wales in all of her finery, 
> jumped in the sack with William of Wallace after he had been fighting all 
> those nasty Englishmen for a couple of years...*yuck* 
> Not to mention oral hygeine probably wasn't a real concern for them, and 
> they sure did have passionate kisses...

I may add that one thing they didn't have back then was sugar.  Hence, no matter how little
you may have brushed your teeth, it all likely hood, you wouldn't have gotten many cavities,
if any.  I have a friend that almost never brushed his teeth and didn't go to the dentist in
about 10 years.  He was also on a NO SUGAR diet for that entire time.  He just reacently had
his teeth cleaned.  (It took him three visits, and laughing gas.)  However, he had after all
that abuse to his teeth, ONE cavity.  Says something for a no sugar diet....

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"Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence: 
He is just using his memory."

---Leonardo Da Vinci
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