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James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Nov 12 08:43:05 PST 1997

> > The QR is given to fighters whom the Queen thinks is going in the right
> > direction to eventually earn a White Scarf.
> Hmmmm, so it would be Bad Thing for someone to have a Queen's Rapier
> but never be a candidate for a White Scarf?

I really think the original statement was an oversimplification to
the point of being misleading. More exactly (but still
oversimplified), the "list" of what qualifies one for a Queen's
Rapier is the same as the "list" of what qualifies one for a White
Scarf, save in degree. Except in cases where it is given for
something else, such as a singular spectacular act (on or off the
field). Some may protest that it should not be given for singular
acts, but that fact it that it sometimes is so given.

Anyway, the achievement of one level in various qualities and skills
does not mean that a person will necessarily advance to the next
level in any -- let alone all -- those areas. There is no shame in 
this as we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  There is, 
however something very wrong in giving someone an award they do not 
qualify for, even if they have "gone as far as they can" in that 

Don Doré
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