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>Siobhan here from sunny San Diego
>In defense of college professors, you're probably getting the more
>titillating trivia like "chastity belts" instead of a learned 
>discourse on
>gender roles in the Middle Ages because the professor harbors the vain 
>that 2/3 of the class might wake up and retain at least one factoid 
>from the
>class, and perhaps even one person might be inspired to further 
>relations between the sexes in the Middle Ages.  Using sex to spark 
>in a relatively unrelated commodity is the American way, after all.

One of my roommates was a history major.  She took medeival history while
we were pair, and her reading resourses were indeed excellent.  Her
professor had a hand-out that was a basic flow-chart that helped you
determine if it was OK to have sex in period if you were a good Catholic.
 I feel good about the accuracy of the sheet.  I feel it's much more
interesting (and relevant) than iron underwear.

Of course, my last history teacher was a member of my shire. 

Kateryn Heathrydge
Three Rivers, Calontir
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