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>Come to think about it, I don't *know* that they didn't have
>refined sugar.  In fact, some dim memories are stirring in the back of
>my mind about loaves of sugar in period.  Please let me amend
>the first sentence of my previous reply to be
>"They may or may not have had *refined* sugar.  They certainly had
>honey. ..."
>Daniel de Lincoln, (something) and snails and puppy dogs' tails
>Tim McDaniel.   Reply to tmcd at
>tmcd at is not a valid address.

Sugar was in use throughout the Medieval period.  It was described in
Northern India by one of Alexander's generals.  It was transported to
the Near East by the Arabs and brought by them to Cyprus, Sicily, and
Spain.  Europeans transported it to the Canary Islands and the New

Refined sugar has been available for a long time and recently on the
cook's list, we were discussing whether powdered sugar was period.

There was a filler on sugar in the Black Star about five months ago and
there is information on medieval sugar in Stefan's Florilegium at

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