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Mon Nov 17 20:34:44 PST 1997

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Lady Jotahn Firesteed
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> Hi! How about tall lantern hooks(shepherd crook style) with lanterns
> for those late evening courts that any Kingdom could need?

In the heraldic community I've been a pusher for "Beam 'n' Read".
They're available from The Container Store.  It's a little electric
light (2 AA batteries) in a little box that hangs from a cord around
your neck.  Some advantages:
- easily portable
- no open flame or melted wax
- you tilt the lid to direct the light.  You can direct it so that you
can see what you're reading but nobody else can see the light.  Good
for night vision and for not breaking the mood
- look, Ma -- no hands!

A link-bearer standing behind me is neat and period.  A lantern on a
post is neat and period too, I presume.  Lacking them at most events,
I push "Beam 'n' Read".

I am indebted to Master Tadhg Liath for the pointer to these.

Daniel de Lincoln
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