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Tue Nov 18 06:39:16 PST 1997

dssweet at said something that sounded like:
>      The Mooneschadowe Dance Troupe really enjoyed the whole experience 
> of Kingdom A&S,

Ahh! That's who that was!!!

> and we were looking forward to dancing that evening, yet 
> no one danced with us. We expected this event to be a "dancing" event, 
> but we were proved wrong. Why? What could we have done to encourage the 
> Laurels, Nobles, peers, Lords and Ladies to dance? What not within our 
> control could have been done to encourage dance?

To be honest, for myself, it was a little of two things. First I didn't
know if it was a performance or not. Second, I was a bit intemidated.
All of you worked so well together and new the dances so well, that I
didn't want to make a fool of myself.

I did very much enjoy watching the dancing though. Thank you.


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