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Tue Nov 18 10:22:29 PST 1997

Jovian wrote:

>I know I would love to dance at events. Unfortunately I live a fair 
>distance from most of my shire and my freetime is rare (surprise, 
>surprise) Are there videos out there to learn dances from. Maybe 
>they're not the best teachers, but I know I have "learned" several 
>dances only to forget a few days later. Maybe videos could refresh 
>what is taught at events. I for one would like to see a few more dance 

Yes, there are three videos available that I know of. 

#1 - You can get one of them from Chivalry Sports. It's on English 
Country Dancing by Master Giles Hill of Sweetwater. 

#2 - The next tape available is on Italian Renaissance Dancing. It's by 
Julia Sutton and through Princeton Book Co., at $44.95.  The title is 
"Il Ballarino," and the steps and dances are from Caroso and Negri.  
There are three dances, step illustrations, iconography from the period, 
and her comments.

#3 - Also English Country Dancing, but it's children dancing. I'm not 
sure where it's from.



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