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Greetings, Cozyns!!

>From your friend, Zara Zina
Apprentice to Mistress Sindra
Protege' to Master Bran

> Hi all, Aquilanne here.
> I was also pleased to see both Laurels and non-Laurels alike displaying and competing.

Yes, Yes, Yes...It always inspires me to see the work of Laurels such as Gunnora or Stella.  I have always wondered why we don't have more Laurels compete or display on a regular basis.  The majority of Knights continue to fight and work to better hone their skills.  What better way for an apprentice to learn how to do a good display, or even to watch their Laurel be judged and critiqued on their work?

Squires learn how to handle defeat with honor and chivalry towards their opponent. Shouldn't Laurels then teach artisans to learn from the (hopefully) constructive criticism they receive from others?  Also, how to comport themselves with honor in situations that others might whine and complain about the unfairness of it all?  To stand up for themselves and discuss their research and crafts without being acrimonius?

I heard a Knight speak the other day about developing and learning a new technique while fighting with a student.  He had the internal humility to realize that he could learn from someone who was not his better on the fighting field.  If you do not have the ability to listen to others, you will stop the learning process.  It is this lack of humility that seems to be the biggest impediment on the road to a peerage.  I have seen many with the talent, the intellect, the ability, and the tenacity, but they missed the mark.

> >  Another was, from what I partially saw, was that lots of judges seemed
> >  to give verbal commentary and not written.

The problem with written criticism is that, without the accompanying verbal clues inherent to a conversation, it is very easy to misunderstand the comments.  It is extremely easy to be in a hurry and write something very tactless without intending to.

When people display a project they have spent years learning, or many hours spent in the crafting of a piece, their self-esteem is inextricably wound up within the display. If a first-time fighter gets really beat on hard the first time they go out, they just might not hang around for too long.  If they are taught with love and honor, they will learn just as quickly and  will toughen up enough to be able to brag about their bruises.

This weekend, I was most impressed by Don Dore' Savien walking around video-taping the displays to take back to the newcomers at home.  We video-tape tounaments, so why not A & S competitions?

> Aquilanne
> Dory Grace--The Inkwell
> denouncer of Tytyvylus & warrior crone

My dear, you are *not* a crone.

Baroness Zara Zina Theanos

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